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There isn’t much left to buy. As of this year, all the hospitals in the city have been privatized, as are 89% of all apartments, the transit network, the police force and of course, the water. For all intents and purposes, the only part of the city the city hall controls, is the city hall building itself and even there the private sector provides security.
For the most part the transition has been peaceful and individual protests have died out quickly or been effectively countered by friendly news networks. The amount of violence has been entirely acceptable.
However, resistance cells dedicated explicitly to halting corporate plans have formed. The leaders for the most significant one are listed below.




It is the belief of the board that, if not dealt with, this group could pose a serious problem to most if not all the various private industries and their extensive control over public affairs. So far the group has been targeting the water industry, attacking profits by stealing water and redistributing it to the lower classes. The security industry and the hospital industry have agreed with us that all three must be eliminated for the greater good.

Considering the recent violent incident that left n. 1 hospitalized, n. 2 homeless and both hell bent on revenge, the board advices that discretion and efficiency be the key words to any future steps to remove this threat.

Proceed with caution and do not hesitate.

Signed, Francis Brabeck


Art/Design/Programming/Marketing --- Hanuli

Writing --- Elmo Mustonen

Music --- D. Ray

Background Art --- Dmitry Petyakin


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Vengeful Heart Demo Windows/Linux 81 MB

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I purchased the game a long time ago,your page saying to pay 5 USD to get the full game on release and now only the Demo is going to be available.

I'll need to pay again to get the full game?

I'm confused...

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Hey! Sorry if I haven't been clear: The game has not released yet. You don't need to pay any more. I will deliver you  once Vengeful Heart releases. The development is just taking longer than expected due to us having to concentrate to our day jobs. I apologize for the delay!

Okay ^^

I loved the Demo and I was not sure how to get the full game...

I love to hear that you loved it! :) I hope you like the full game as well when it releases!


cyber punk + pc98 aesthetics?
 sounds great!

I love ther artstyle. Everything looks great. Well-done sprites, Bgs, UI, music

I really like characters. The have very interesting personalities. 

I like the lore and long description of the environment and the city mixed with personal thoughts of narrator

this demo is longer than a lot of full games

♥ I'm waiting for more ♥


Thank you! Comments like these make our day <3

For me, the Linux demo didn't work too well to begin with. I'm assuming due to having two monitors. It complained about software rendering and the mouse had graphical issues underneath.

Once I set into fullscreen and restarted it, then it worked great! Hopefully this can be fully sorted for release :)

Is that so? Thank you for telling me. I guess I shouldn't trust that renpy works on the platforms it says it works. I was sadly unable to test with linux anf mac, but I will find someone with those systems to try the full release when it comes out. I hope you enjoyed the game and thank you for the comment! :)

I loved this! Looking foward to play the full game.

Wonderful! Thank you for playing :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Very high praise! Thank you very much <3

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This game looks lovely and I love the PC-88/98 aesthetic that you've given it, with the smaller window in the middle of the screen to show scene changes for example.


Thank you very much! I'm so happy you like it!