Name change for our studio and some progress!

Okay so in real life we are just two friends making games in our free time, but for consistency and easier googling for our games we decided to adopt a "studio name" of sorts under which we're gonna publish all our games. Originally I wanted the name to be "Ladybug Games" because I'm a lady and games have bugs, and it's just something we have used until now. 

Unfortunately I learned recently that Ladybug Games was already taken by someone else :( We don't want any confusion or lawsuits coming our way so we decided the name had to change. We came up with a pun name "Salmon snake." In our native language salmon snake means "Dragon" but when translated to English it sounds really derpy, so we went with that. Here's a logo for us until I can come up with something better.

Until now our branding has been a mess. This account has been under my personal nickname and there's no consistency whatsoever, so I'll be changing this account name to "Salmon Snake" and make it a little more consistent. Unfortunately  we can't really change any of the trailers after the fact so they will stull have the old name :(( If someone has access to our pages in the visual novel data base, I would be grateful if you changed the studio name from "Ladybug games" to "Salmon Snake"!

Sorry that this announcement wasn't directly related to Vengeful Heart. the full game is currently about 70% complete and we are nearing the polishing phase! Yayy! Here are some screenshots from an early chapter that wasn't present in the demo:

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is she wearing army uniform on 5th pic?


It's Rani's old parade uniform. She lost all of her own clothes after the events of the demo, so Rani had to loan her some of her own.