The Great Voyage has launched!

We just launched! We would be super happy if you played it :) 

The royal city of Flayes has been under siege for months. The food is running out everywhere but the royal court. High society lives like there's no tomorrow, and for a reason. One night the walls protecting the city break down and Vassan, Eugenie and Memnon are forced to accept reality, their homeland is no more. High society has raised these people extremely selfish, but as they flee Flayes they are forced to change their ways. But is it possible to value kindness and life in a world where individual lives have little value?

The art style is inspired by some old japanese PC games, I saw screenshots of in twitter. Their names were "Possessioner" and "Virgin Angel" (googling will be NSFW-ish) I have been fascinated by pixel art for some time and decided to redraw all the art in the vn an this is the result. Putting limitations on the art style and the color palette helped me to make my art more cohesive since I have no personal style of my own.

The visual novel is about 1-2 hours to read.


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Aug 25, 2018

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