Memnon, The Secretive Ambassador


This is the last character progress profile. FInally we have Memnon. Personally he is my favorite of the three. He is richer than Vassan so I could design him fancier clothes! His personality is sarcastic yet charming and that’s the kind of character I like best. Most of the funniest lines in the script are his.

memnon1.jpg Gen 1 - earliest version of Memnon was the hardest thing I had drawn until that point. I think I tried to learn how to draw folds in cloth for this, but my skills were very entry level “

memnon2.jpg Gen 2 - This has aged better than I remember. I’m scared how thin he is. If he was real, he would collapse.

Memnon 3.png Gen 3 - At this point I had just learned what otome games were. I fell in love with otoge art and tried to imitate the art of Amnesia for this version. I still like this version, but sadly it doesn’t fit with the final vision.

memnonInsta.png Gen 4 - Final version! Out of the three characters that have sprites, current memnon is my favorite! The coat was fun to do! That smirk is just one pixel, but he charms me with his mouth :P The hat was kinda improvised. Its hard to communicate the dimensions of a three-corner hat with pixels.

Next time I try to get the author to say a few words about the project! Until next time!

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