​ Eugenie, The Two-faced Lady

Eugenie is a somewhat spoiled young lady and her future husband would inherit her father’s magnificent post in king’s court. Since she was very you Eugenie has been drilled with manners and etiquette, but deep down she wants nothing more than to just be able to be her honest self. Apparently she is based on a girl the author knew as a child.

1st version - circa 2011 eug1.png My niece commented when she saw her: “That is too sweet! There is no way you made that!” Ah, how my family believes in me.

2nd version - circa 2012 eug2.jpg I had recently become a fan of Steins:Gate and tried to emulate the sprite art with this. Author’s comments at the time: “May I have her number?”

3rd version - circa ???? eug3.png I have no memory of drawing this, however I commend myself for trying to experiment with colors

4th version - circa 2014-2015? eugesuru.png I somehow had an idea to make the art more fantasy-esque, so I added elf ears. This intent was short-lived. Vassan and Memnon don’t even have designs from this period.

5th version - today eugenieInsta.png The final design, simplified from all unnecessary trash. The dress has stayed surprisingly intact all these years!

As an artist I enjoy drawing women more than man. Women have rounder features which is why they are easier to draw to me. This is why there are more versions of Eugenie than there are of Vassan or Memnon. I would often draw her If I was bored or wanted to try a new art style. I’m lazy so those experiments often began and ended with her.

Eugenie will be the face of the marketing for this VN, because everyone knows anime girls sell the shit :D

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