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Hi everyone,

I recently learned that last year Apple released an update on Macs that prevents their machines from running applications that Apple has not notarized. To notarize your app for Mac you need to go through a complex process of becoming an apple developer and paying 100$/month for an Apple developer account. I did not realize this as this was not a thing when we released our demo last year. 

Getting Vengeful heart notarized for MacOS will likely take some time, as such the launch version of VH for Macs will NOT be notarized. If you have a mac and want to play our game, you can still do so, but it will require some extra steps on your part. You need to set up your Mac to allow it to run unnotarized apps.

Frankly I am not a fan of Apple's closed system and their insistence that every developer owns their machines if they want to develop games for Apple machines. After notarizing Vengeful Heart, Salmon Snake will release all future apps unnotarized. It's just not worth it for a small dev to go through all the hassle and and payments, when the sales on Mac will likely not even cover the cost of joining the apple developer program.

Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone

-Hanuli from Salmon Snake

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