Not much longer now, thank you for your patience!

It has been a long year. Originally we planned to release Vengeful Heart December last year. Alas, in the end we are a pair of amateurs with full-time jobs, so progress hasn't always been as swift as we wanted. Those of you who have pre-ordered Vengeful Heart are of course still going to get your full game codes.

As it stands I'm still unsure about the final release date. Due to the Coronavirus and other health related problems we still have a few hurdles to overcome, but I can absolutely promise that VH WILL come out this year. We are aiming the end of spring or early summer. I already had a launch trailer made, but I need to send it back for editing a new release date in, since we probably will be missing the May 29th date that was our aim still a month ago.

Anyway, thank you for waiting and sorry that you need to wait a bit longer!

-Hanuli from Salmon Snake Games

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I pre-purchased the game one year ago.

Cannot wait to get the link for the full game,one day or another ^^

Take care!

Edit:Going to play the Demo again :)

Thank you for supporting us! :)