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Hi! Your game has interesting style! Do you want to translate this game into different languages? I'm asking about Russian language. Maybe i could even help you with that :)

We have no plans to translate the game at this time. Frankly we are already moving on with our next work. Thank you for the offer though :)

what is the difference from the steam edition as you needed it to pay for it while here you can get for free?

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There is no popup asking for a donation in the steam version. Other than that, no difference. The steam edition costs money, because there is no way of making the payment optional in steam. We couldn't release it absolutely free either, because the steam fee is a large amount of money for a full time student + the publisher wants her dues as you need a company to upload to steam and we don't have one. If you don't want to pay, the game will always be free in itch though.

EDIT: ALSO! There is no Linux version on steam, because steamOS is mysterious and we couldn't get it to work on it

I love the gui and the Art! Notes that I took on the game:

I liked how the etiquette was explained when Eugenie was speaking. “An unmarried woman have to display their credentials. ” It was so interesting.

Vassan: I’m about to die and all I regret is not finishing my writing. Priorities! :D though honestly in circumstances I wouldn’t blame him. Memmon turned out to not be the person he knew.

Eugenie “Swig per day.” Dialogue was GOLD. I do feel sorry for her wearing that dress all the time, that’s not comfortable.

Memmon: I need to save my comrades….Nvm screw ths!

I liked how the admiral was felt so awkward when Memmon confessed to his crimes. Lol.

Vassan……☹ All in all, the novel is amazing! I love the characters as "selfish" as they are, they were very realistic!

Our writer says THANK YOU and he hopes the game was a good experience to you :) Thank you from mee too :)

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Art was pretty good. Character sprites are great; I particularly liked the details. Characters and the perspectives they brought to the story were interesting. I'm ambiguous about how Eugenie seemed to return to her former self in the end, but it was a satisfying ending; one of the themes in the story was her being limited by convention and her mom, so I guess what changed about her was that she began exercising her freedom more during the battle, and it's not necessarily discounted by what Memnon saw she did in the very end... Also, correct me if I misremember, was her mother with her in the same ship? I was surprised towards the end to learn that she held on to her when she was scared, because I thought they got separated. A nice static visual novel, though!

I appreciate you went into such depth in your comment :) I hope you enjoyed our work